New Year’s Resolutions by Robert Raker

There are many things that I would like to accomplish in 2014 and over the next few years…

• I have set myself a personal reading goal of 200 books. I have just finished my first book for the year, “Bend of the Snake,” by Bill Gulick. I intend to track my progress via several book groups on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. I will also provide updates of my progress on my personal blog.
• I recently finished a book called “Travel Bites,” by the Hungry Traveller. I was inspired to travel outside the USA; I would like to visit Germany and South Africa over the next few years.
• I have always been fascinated by Alfred Hitchcock and would like to visit Mount Rushmore, where the climax of “North by Northwest” was filmed.
• I recently purchased a book entitled “Footsteps in the Fog,” which details areas of San Francisco where many of Hitchcock’s films were filmed. I hope to visit these locations over the next few years.
• Finally, I hope that book lovers will download a digital edition or physical copy of “Entropy”. I look forward to hearing what people think of “Entropy”; I hope to receive more reviews and engage with readers. I am planning a companion piece…