Sneak Peek: ENTROPY “The Model” by Robert Raker. Publication date: 29th November, 2013

ENTROPY The Model by Robert Raker – Publication date: 29th November, 2013

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“…We were once such a happy family but now I am left alone with only my memories as a comfort to the love we once shared and the child we had borne. When did you start to drift? I think about this daily trying to pinpoint the moment that our relationship fell apart. I recall that it had started before the unthinkable had happened but after the police found Jenni, everything became a fractured mess…”

How did we get here?

The model; the mother of one of the victims was the hardest story for me to write as the mother faces the devastation of losing her only daughter and the impact that this terrible loss has on her relationship and ultimately, herself.

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