Sneak Peek: ENTROPY “The Agent” by Robert Raker. Publication date: 29th November, 2013

ENTROPY The Agent by Robert Raker – Publication date: 29th November, 2013

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“…I opened and shut my eyes a couple of times. I wasn’t used to the contacts that I was using to alter the color of my eyes. They needed to match the identity that had been created for me. Details mattered when it came to going undercover. No matter who I became, even when being a husband, in the end, I always vanished, leaving hardly any evidence that I had ever been there…”

I have always been interested with those that work in law enforcement. The idea of writing from the perspective of The Agent and immerse this character in undercover work seemed intriguing.

In Entropy, The Agent finds himself investigating the abductions and brutal crimes in and around this small community. The Agent finds that his identity is challenged as he immerses himself in his undercover work.

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