Review of “Entropy” by David L. Blond, author of The Phoenix Year

I was excited to read David L. Blond’s review of my book Entropy.

Book review:
“We live in a world where dark things are everywhere around us – on the news, on the streets, in our schools; where some children kill children, in our homes; where some men assault women with words or violence, in our Congress where thinking men can’t find solutions to problems without rancor or discord, and then in our literature. There is a long history of the macabre and demonic in words.

Words are powerful.

In Robert Raker’s Entropy we find a darkly moving chronicle of death and evil written in a highly literate tone, almost analytical in its choice of words and descriptions. For those who enjoy noir storytelling and books that focus on the twisted inner thoughts of the men and women who hunt or fall prey to them, then it is a good book to lose yourself in.”

Entropy is available now!