Q&A with Mark King Author of Frenzy…

Most recently, I interviewed Mark King author of Frenzy.

Mark King, Au

I note that you are promoting “Frenzy.” Tell us a little about this.
MK: Frenzy a Daniel Jones story by Mark King is a fast paced adventure book initially written for young adults of both sexes to read, but with its vivid writing style it can be enjoyed by adults even more, no matter what their age; so people from 13 to 83 can get lost in the mystery of the Over-seers, the new saviours of man-kind. Because of its far reach of readership it makes it harder to promote the book; you just can’t spend all you energy on one segment of the book reading public. If it was a straight forward romance or children’s books then you can focus on promoting it at just that one sector while leaving the others alone. With Frenzy I have to work a lot harder in telling the whole world what a great story I have created.

What genre do you like to write?
MK: I like a wide range of reading choices, and I think this is reflected in Frenzy a Daniel Jones story. It’s a dystopian novel set in the very near future so it has elements of science fiction, and when you find out the true nature of the Over-seers, Horror as well. At its heart Frenzy is adventure fiction with a lot of moments of shear excitement, and this is the genre I most like to write. I want my readers to be entertained, and not find my books a slog which they have to force themselves to read.

How long have you been writing?
MK: I have been writing stories throughout my life, but never got around to finishing them. Life’s daily struggles would get in the way, and the first chapters of my story would end up in the back of a draw, not to be discovered again until many years later. I decided to become a full time writer four years ago. I resigned from a secure job, and said to myself, ‘this is it.’ There was no turning back.

What is your least favourite part about writing? The Most?
RR: My least favourite part about writing is when I’m not able to write at all because I am tied down with doing something else. I love to write, and so far have never found any problems, or dislikes, about it. As an example I an 80% through the manuscript to the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones story which I have initially entitled Daniel Jones Doom, but I needed to decorate my home; so for five days I spent the whole time with a paint brush in my hand instead of sitting at the laptop. My mind would drift away as I painted the walls to the next chapter of Daniel Jones Doom, and I would then be left frustrated that I couldn’t write it down as it unfolded in my thoughts.

When you are not writing or editing what do you do for relaxation?
MK: I like to go to the gym in the morning for either a 45 minute session on the running machine, or to complete a spinning class on the bikes. I’m not as disciplined as I should be with my visits to the gym, but I do find it’s a great way to clear your head in the morning, ready for the days writing. For readers of my blog at www.always-hanging-around.blogspot.com you will know that Mark King also likes to socialise, and relax, over a couple of drinks with my friends. And of course there is spending quality time with my family.

What Genre of books do you like to read?
MK: My shelves have a varied mix of books from fiction, to history right through to biographies. I have travel books and books of knowledge. I will try any genre once, and like most, from young adults upwards.

What author(s) do you enjoy and why?
MK: I’ve always loved George Orwell ever since I first read his books at school, and I have continued to re-read them over again and again. So it was an honour to be listed for the Orwell Prize 2014. I also like Dan Brown’s writing because of his fast pace style of storytelling which you will find throughout Frenzy a Daniel Jones story, and which will continue with Daniel Jones Doom. My third favourite author is Ken Follett. Again his writing is of such a good quality, and I try my best to reach these standards too.

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