Park at Westminster Book Club by Robert Raker author of ENTROPY

The apartment complex that I reside in recently started a book club. In their second month, the decision was made to read my novel, Entropy. They chose it because I was local and they enjoyed the idea of being able to discuss the novel with the author present. It was the first time that I was able to speak to a room full of people that I knew had read Entropy.

Much of the conversation about the book revolved around The Diver, the first perspective from the story. Several of the readers found the subject matter and introduction to the novel grisly and difficult to read, yet persisted through the story. I expressed to them that the story was dark in nature, but certain details and images were necessary to show the emotional depths that the characters go through, how they end up fractured, initiated by the brutal crimes committed on some children in the small town where Entropy is set. One of the readers was a Korean War Veteran and told me that he was on grave duty for a few weeks, where he was responsible for gathering up the deceased soldiers and placing them into body bags. He said that duty had different effects on the men, which he could sympathize with when mentioning The Diver, who reacts physically and emotionally to retrieving the victims from various bodies of water. I received several compliments about the depth of the various characters, something that I worked hard to attain and how I was able to live in their respective worlds, considering that I do not scuba dive, play the cello or paint.

Several of the attendees enjoyed the structure of the novel, having four different points of view telling the story of Entropy. Surprisingly, to me, no one had any issues with the way I wrote the ending to the novel, as some readers have expressed to me previously. Although many of them admitted to rarely reading crime novels, I appreciated the fact that they were willing to broaden their spectrum for their book club. It was an exciting time being able to answer questions directly about how Entropy began, how long I spent crafting it and what my future goals were. I will always be grateful that I was able to be a part of their book club and share Entropy with other readers.

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