Overwhelming Support … Entropy by Robert Raker

Since the launch of my book ENTROPY, I have been overwhelmed by the support. I have been excited to read the reviews about the book and discuss the story with those that have made contact. Thank you

Digital Cover Art

At the start of this journey, almost eight years ago, I set out to write an emotional story about four people set in a small town in America. I was excited when Wattle Publishing decided to publish my book. The cover that they created (as I have mentioned previously) left me speechless and everyone who I come in contact is consistently praising the moodiness that it evokes. I think it sets the tone for the book beautifully. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded a digital copy of the book in Kindle or eBook and those that have ordered a paperback copy. I look forward to hearing what you thought of the book.

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Read what people are saying about Entropy:

Customer Review: 4 starts: “Entropy – A complete surprise”
Customer Review: 4 stars: “Entropy – A concise read”
Customer Review: 4 stars “An unflinching character study”
Customer Review: 4 stars “Breaking the ice in crime novels”
Customer Review: 5 stars “A gripping novel from start to finish”
Customer Review: 5 stars: “A great novelist on the horizon”



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