“I work with animal rescues, non-profit and no-kill shelters…”

What I do…

I work with many animal rescues, non-profit and no-kill shelters throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. Recently a customer found a three-week-old kitten in the street and brought her into us. She was malnourished, dirty and had an eye infection. I bottle-fed her for two weeks and progressed her care.

Penelope’s Progress:

Penelope is currently eating dry food and finds her way around courageously. She has regained her full eyesight and the use of her back legs.

Affinity with animals…

I’ve always had an affinity for taking in animals that have either been neglected, abused or abandoned. I have also housed and cared for freshwater sharks, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes and many of them have found other homes with people who would care for them. I work hard to raise money; fund donations and events to benefit shelters and rescues through my employment. To me, it’s a very rewarding process, one I hope I continue to pursue throughout the rest of my career.