Entropy, update… by Robert Raker, author

In preparing preparatory work on another novel, I usually file away previous research and clean out the audio recorded notes I used. In listening to portions of those that I made for Entropy, I realized how far the original idea I imagined had come. The concept of a series of heinous crimes against children, hovering over a small town was something that I had always intended. The four central characters, The Diver, The Musician, The Agent and The Model, were part of 12 in my original outline. They were the most central to the story. I intended to construct more but stopped at 8 when I thought that I could have more of an emotional impact on the reader if I limited my scope. The first four stories involve;

– The Diver who through circumstances is forced to aid the police in the retrieval of the victim’s bodies.
– The Musician who believes he knows who is responsible.
– The Agent, who is drawn into the investigation because of his background.
– The Model, whose daughter was the first victim discovered in a backyard pool.

Although the story line is dark, bleak and disturbing in places, I am pleased by the depth that I was able to portray in each character’s struggle to either deal with the crimes directly or with the effect that it had on their personal and home lives. No one is left untouched in Entropy, psychically or psychologically and emotionally.

I spent eight years writing Entropy. I have been overwhelmed by the number of positive reviews from readers. It’s extremely rewarding, reading their comments and expressions of hope for another novel or a continuation of the story. The journey of building a social media following through Facebook and Twitter has been challenging. In the years since Entropy has been released, I amassed over 6,500 Twitter followers and hundreds of friends on Facebook, from personal friends, writing groups I belong to and help from my publisher. I spent months researching and constructing the storyline, leaving some ideas and characters behind. Working late into the night and tireless evenings was worth everything. Part of me wishes I could go through them all over again. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the construction of Entropy.

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