Entropy by Robert Raker: 4 star customer reviews…

I was delighted to read the latest customer reviews for Entropy. It has been pleasing to read such lovely comments for a work that took such a long time to write.

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“Entropy – Concise Review” – Customer review – 4 stars

A deep thinking and emotional crime novel. The author puts the readers in the point of view of each of his characters and effectively brings out the detailed feelings and raw emotions of each. As for the conclusion…you’ll have to read it to find out.

“An unflinching character study.” – Customer review – 4 stars

Four heart-rending stories set against the backdrop of a town torn asunder by an economic downturn and a string of horrific crimes against local children. The author deftly connects the threads of the criminal investigation as he simultaneously details the unraveling of four lives, each connected in varying degrees to the brutal crimes.

I was impressed with the vibrant and evocative descriptions. Raker has a gift for simile and is not afraid to use it. His ability to feel and communicate the complicated emotions of his characters is undeniably compelling.

The details of the crimes are a necessary evil as they serve to establish the overall tone. But, they are not for the faint of heart. Again the author’s descriptive dexterity shines. The opening paragraph reads like a KEEP OUT sign to casual readers, the way the aroma of kimchi scares away the McDonald’s crowd while drawing in those with more educated palates.

‘Keep out’ may be too strong. Perhaps, ‘proceed at your own risk, dear reader … a reward awaits’.


“Entropy, a complete surprise!” – Customer Review – 4 stars

Entropy was a complete surprise. It’s definitely not your typical, crime book experience. The story is told from the perspective of four individuals in a small and depressed town in America; each story describes how they are affected by the child murders and how this affects their personal relationships. I don’t want to give away the ending for those that haven’t read the book as yet but I found the overall experience numbing … it left me in a state of melancholy. If this was the intention of the author – then, he achieved his goal. The diver is unfeigned; the musician surprising; the agent calculating and the portrayal of the mother’s story heartfelt. The writing is dense and very sad.

If you are looking for something a little different, enjoy the drama in crime-related books, and/or books that examine relationships then Entropy’s sad story may appeal. Although I haven’t read anything by this author before, I will be on the lookout for his next book as I understand that a companion piece is in the making…