Entropy – The Artwork for the Digital Cover

I love the cover that my Publisher has come up with for Entropy. It captures the sense of isolation and hopelessness.  Emotions that are portrayed by the characters in the narrative. The landscapes are barren as are the wishes and emotions of the relationships, the marriages. As with the expansive field, the stories portray the distance to me, vacancy instead of compression. It’s a beautiful, haunting image.  Please let me know what you think of the digital book cover.



  1. Deb Trotter · April 21, 2013

    It’s a fabulous cover … the kind that would subconsciously compel me to buy the book. your publisher obviously knows what it’s doing.

    • Robert · April 24, 2013

      Deb, thank you so much for commenting on the cover. I am very happy with the cover that Wattle Publishing has created. It fits the tone of the novel very well!