Editing Process

When I originally began Entropy, I alternated between all four of the major characters one chapter at a time.  An associate suggested that I tell the story of each of the characters individually as to not confuse the reader. With what I believe is such an emotionally dense and complicated plot I agreed.  I never had an ending point in mind really for any of the characters only the order I believed their respective stories should be told.  In its completion, I have been dedicated to that.  Each character reflects and tells their story up to a certain point on the progression of time during Entropy.  That was difficult for me because I didn’t want to repeat myself in terms of what happens in scene or dialogue.

The editing process through Wattle Publishing has been a learning experience.  It has been read carefully with introspection and honesty.  I know this novel inside and out as it has been my companion for nearly eight years running.  They have paid great attention to continuity which can easily get lost along the way, especially in a novel like Entropy.