Affinity for film…Robert Raker

My first vivid memory of film involves Alfred Hitchcock and the film North by Northwest, with Cary Grant.  The scene is where Grant retrieves the knife from the back of a gentleman who works at the United Nations.  Not long after I was obsessed with watching films, often with my late father, everything from silent films to subtitled films.  It became such an escape for me, a way to disappear into another world and become someone else.  I was encouraged to start telling my own stories, which began in elementary school. I wish I still had some of those scribbling’s, to see how far I have come.  I thought about film school later on but that wish never materialized.  Yet I have never lost my affinity for the motion picture even to this day. I find myself watching older films more often than current releases because of the recommendations that my father had passed on to me.  It’s a way for me to keep him in spirit and with me always.