Available Now – ENTROPY by Robert Raker

When a series of child abductions and murders disrupt the life of an economically blighted community, the consequences have far-reaching implications.

The brutal crimes take a different toll on a disparate group of individuals; the scuba diver who retrieves the children’s bodies; the disfigured cellist who thinks he knows who’s responsible; the undercover federal agent; and the mother of one of the victim’s.

United in a situation not of their choosing, they are forced to take a deep, introspective look into their intersected, yet isolated lives.

Entropy Excerpt


“Entropy, an elegiac crime novel whose climax reveals its bleakly beautiful pattern.”

Review by Rick Schindler,
Culture Critic and Author of Fandemonium

“‘Entropy’ is a great crime novel told from four different angles. When children are found murdered the numerous perspectives give you different character experiences, this was an interesting way to read a crime novel and I enjoyed getting to know each character. Now while ‘Entropy’ is set in Pennsylvania, I found that the story could have been happening anywhere. Sometimes a novel is bogged down with small unneeded setting details but it is not this case, ‘Entropy’ is well written with great characters and a well thought out plot. If you would like something a little different you will not be disappointed.”

Review by Lou,
Crime Book Club